Small town- big opportunities

MRSI Wednesday Webinars - 20th Sep 2023


About the Topic
Why small towns? 
Highest sale figures of high-end smartphones in Tier 2 markets in the past 2 years
Online shopping and gaming emerging as high growth categories
Tech leading rapid enablement
Highest levels of education and aspiration amongst young people that there has ever been before?
From a macro standpoint- rural to urban migration and settling is going to grow rapidly in the next decade. Evidence for the same is the government focus on making the urban health system as robust as the rural health system

The following topics will be discussed: 
o Painting a picture of the consumer in the smaller towns- who are they, why are they who are they, what do they engage with, what is their digital ecosystem)
o How much do we understand them? Myths?
o What are the aspects that impact their choice making across categories?
o What is their expert view of the future for these cohorts?
o How does research need to adapt or change when it moves to Tier 2+ their experiences, good practices and failings