Past, Present and Future of Online Panels - what we love, hate and fear?

MRSI Wednesday Webinars - 22nd Nov 2023


About the Topic
During this webinar, we will extensively explore the suitability of online panels for market research projects. It will include a detailed analysis of how panel companies are strategically implementing mobile-first approaches to make surveys more engaging and respondent-friendly.

Additionally, we will delve into the comprehensive approach to panel management, encompassing recruitment, engagement strategies, and the incorporation of incentives and gamification. Our discussion will extend to the proactive measures being taken to ensure inclusivity and representativity in panel participation.

As we shift our focus to the future landscape of online panels in India, we will deliberate on potential consolidations within panel and MR companies, contemplating the prospects of differentiation in the evolving market. We will also explore the global and Indian proportions of studies conducted on panels, inviting insights from participants.

The webinar will further explore the benefits offered by panel surveys in comparison to traditional face-to-face interviews. Participants are encouraged to share their perspectives on the ideal scenarios for utilizing panels versus traditional methods.

An intriguing aspect of our discussion will center around the innovative strategies employed by panel companies to enhance survey experiences, particularly through mobile-first and gamified approaches. Insightful contributions from Sameer and Nishant will shed light on these developments.

Speakers will share valuable insights on tackling challenges raised by agencies and end clients, providing practical solutions to enhance the effectiveness of online panel research.

Finally, our speakers will discuss the future trajectory of online panels in India, contemplating whether panel companies will rise into the top three or if the current leaders will establish their own panels, as some already do. This promises to be a thought-provoking discussion with a diverse range of perspectives and expertise.