Evolution of Indian Shopper

MRSI Wednesday Webinars - 20th Mar 2024


About the Topic
The webinar explores the dynamic landscape of e-commerce in India, emphasizing the growing trend towards online shopping. It delves into the influence of mobile commerce, highlighting the role of smartphones and mobile apps in shaping the shopping habits of Indians. The evolving payment landscape is discussed, with a focus on digital payment methods such as UPI and wallets. The webinar also examines the impact of social commerce, emphasizing the significant role of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook in the shopping journey.
The rural-urban divide is considered, along with an analysis of consumer preferences, including factors like sustainability, brand loyalty, and the importance of reviews. Post-pandemic effects are addressed, with a focus on the rise of contactless payment and shopping.
Finally, the webinar looks to the future, exploring how technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence will shape the future of shopping.