ChatGPT in the UX research field and beyond

MRSI Wednesday Webinars - 12th Apr 2023


About the Topic

During the presentation, Daniel shared valuable insights on using ChatGPT effectively in the UX research field and beyond. The session covered the following topics:

Five essential rules for creating and using ChatGPT prompts:

Rule 1: Be clear and specific.

Rule 2: Provide context and use role play.

Rule 3: Input your expertise.

Rule 4: Build upon prompts.

Rule 5: Save and fine-tune.

Concrete example on how following these steps have been showcased. 

Practical steps to effectively use ChatGPT as a UX Researcher (applicable to other fields as well):

1. Listing all research processes and tasks where ChatGPT can be helpful.

2. Creating reasonably accurate prompts for each task.

3. Saving your work in a prompt repository for sharing and improvement.