Brands can be both sustainable and profitable

MRSI Connect - 26th Apr 2022


About the Topic

In response to the climate crisis, corporations all over the world are actively embracing sustainability and business models that can create profitable activities that benefit society and the environment.

 Is sustainability profitable? Yes, it does take effort and it requires commitment, consistency, strong leadership and a complete cultural transformation. Yet, sustainability is not only profitable, it’s essential to the long-term success of a brand. 

Consumers have become more environmentally conscious in their purchasing decisions in recent years. Companies need to adopt sustainable practices now to avoid obsolescence in the future. Pursuing sustainable practices can be a powerful journey of reinvention for several brands.

MRSI is bringing attention to the importance of corporate sustainability that can benefit your business in line with the theme of the International Market Research Day 2022, an event by ESOMAR.


26TH APRIL 2022, at 7PM - 8PM IST (register below)

Our esteemed panel shared their corporate strategy initiatives and vision:

Nazeeb Arif, Executive Vice President and Chief of Corporate Communications at ITC Limited:

"In ITC, sustainability is not a bolt-on. It's our DNA."

Jonathan Hall, Managing Partner at Kantar Sustainable Transformation Practice:

"The purpose of the Sustainable Transformation Practice is to create transformational good for the economy, people and the planet; our core expertise is in understanding the relevance of sustainability issues by sector, developing and helping activate meaningful and authentic Purpose, devising innovation solutions, unlocking behaviour change, and  structuring impactful measurement programmes".

Rahul L. Kanodia, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Datamatics Group:

"Datamatics has been at the forefront of contributing to social and sustainability causes. With our expertise in the areas of automation and data sciences, we have helped improve governance and productivity of various international developmental organizations such as United Nations and World Bank.  Additionally, our core focus on enhancing ‘Employability’ in the under-privileged sections of society through our CSR efforts has also shown tremendous traction and returns."

Anirban Ghosh, Chief Sustainability Officer at Mahindra Group:

"Building enduring businesses by rejuvenating the environment and enabling stakeholders to Rise."