Being Woman: Beyond Equality, Towards Freedom

MRSI Wednesday Webinars - 8th Jun 2022


About the Topic

Pandemic - and how it has impacted the women

As we begin to approach a post-pandemic world with cautious optimism - we are also faced with the very many weak links revealed  - from the pre-pandemic world which were anyway ripe for review and revamp. And nowhere do we see this more than with concepts of equanimity, equity, diversity and inclusivity. For women, the pandemic has been a mixed bag of blessings and bane. Women emerged as most vulnerable to the fallouts of the pandemic:

- Disproportionate impact of job losses;

- Regression in burden on ‘traditional’ roles as mom, home maker, family custodian;

- Increased challenge for support, reduced participation of men in household chores;

- Growing ‘invisibility’ around sensitive milestones (e.g. pregnancy, health). 

At the same time, many women also perhaps experienced for the first time, the pleasure of being in close engagement with their family and kids. 

Ipsos therefore undertook a self-funded study to understand what it means to be a modern-day woman - across different cultures: Being Woman. 

The study has thrown up some fundamental learnings on what it means to be a modern-day woman in diverse cultures and clear on directions what we need to STOP.