Anybody can hack digital

MRSI Wednesday Webinars - 17th Jun 2020


About the Topic

Anybody can hack digital

What is Digital? Well obviously, in our world of insights and studying consumer behaviour, it means a few things: 

(1) Digitizing offline research and simply using mobile and connected technology to interact with consumers

(2) But more importantly, Digital is also a place. A world where consumers spend a significant amount of time and share a significant part of their lives.

This latter aspect must be of key interest to us as we see the emergence of a New World Order where the bulk of our audiences in the present and future are Digital natives. Their instinct is to express themselves online. And there is a seamless way in which they do so. Their offline and online selves are starting to blur.

This aspect of consumer life holds many treasures. And yet Digital Ethnography seems somewhat elusive. How can we tap into the vast potential of the Digital as a living place and how consumers behave here. This is a challenge that each researcher/ethnographer must engage with. This becomes critical in a post pandemic era where we need to rely on non face to face ways of engaging with our consumer’s world. 

The objective of this session would be to find simple ways in which each of us can make sense of this digital place that consumers live in.