Actionable & Responsible AI/ML in Consumer Research - Present, Challenges & Roadmap

MRSI Wednesday Webinars - 23rd Aug 2023


About the Topic
Embark on an illuminating journey through the perspectives of our distinguished speakers regarding the intersection of technology and market research. In this captivating session, the experts underscore that technology, exemplified by AI/ML, is a tool to achieve specific objectives rather than an end unto itself. The paramount importance of maintaining work quality in the face of technological strides is emphasized.

Delve into the actionable realm of AI/ML, where it acts as a catalyst to augment human resources and propel researcher productivity. The discourse extends to the responsible integration of AI/ML, offering scalable solutions to bridge gaps within current research processes while adhering to ethical and moral considerations.
Witness the transformative potential of technology in facilitating real-time, global human feedback, transcending geographical barriers. Discover how AI/ML's prowess in unbiased measurement can enhance accuracy and objectivity in various domains. Ethical dimensions loom large, prompting discussions on safe implementation and responsible practices.
A glimpse into AI/ML's role in qualitative research adds another layer to the conversation. 

Join the webinar on purposeful technology utilization, where ethics, quality, and progress harmonize to shape a future driven by responsible and impactful innovation.

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