32nd Annual Market Research Seminar

“The only certainty we seem to have had so far in the 21st century is that this is a century of complete uncertainty."
- Jose Miguel Cardoso de Almeida

We are living in strange times - wars raging, climate change being felt to the full brunt, socio-economical meltdowns and none of these seem to have an end in sight. People, in general, are on the lookout for many answers and solutions which are far more existential than just what they should buy or consume. There is, therefore, a need to be brave, to take a leap in aligning with these changing mindsets and needs with what we as an industry would like to offer. There is a need to do ‘good’ business while still being ‘good’ in business. There is even a greater need to ‘lead’ business while still being ‘leaders’ in business.

At MRSI, we believe that as a community, we play interlocutors between reading the consumers and translating them into marketable ideas. However, now more than ever, we need to help understand the core consumer needs, ensure respect for their life needs and find links to create authentic yet commercially impactful products. It is a challenge like never before and can take many iterations before we succeed. More than ever before, consumers are looking at brands and organisations to show the way, be the lighthouse. Not only be a mirror to their real lives, but a window to possibilities of making a shared new future. So this seminar, we are looking out for all those brave hearts who have attempted to bring alive insight in the changing context.  And helped brands and organisations to Rise and Shine the way towards finding a northStar.

The theme for the 32nd Annual Seminar 2024 is, RISE & SHINE

Given the theme, the four tenets which form the building blocks of the seminar are - Rise to Reroute, Rise to Scale, Rising to New Vistas and Rise to Lead.

We are looking to understand the ways in which we have taken a stand to be meaningful and relevant to our clients. How did we rise to reorganize our toolkits and skillsets to straddle between the known unknowns and the unknown knowns?  How did we rise to collaborate with internal and external partners or functions to build these blocks? 

What were our starting points and learnings along the way?

We have detailed out the topics of synopsis under the Topics section. We look forward to your synopsis submissions which will be shortlisted by the Jury. If your synopsis is shortlisted, you will work to create a presentation for the Seminar.  For the best of the best, it will be your rise and shine on stage.