30th Annual Market Research Seminar

March 2020 to June 2021 were quite turbulent 16 months with the world turning upside down with COVID. Along with the  struggles of the disease, it left in its wake a sea of learning across our personal and professional lives. We learnt to live differently, bereft of a lot of luxuries and in many ways got our grounding back. We started valuing people and in certain way processes too that gave us a sense of ‘normalcy’. 

We discovered things long forgotten; we invented stuff too. And we learnt to balance our lives - probably the most important learning in a while. We got attuned to doing the same things differently and realised that the results were as effective, if not more! We held on to our past learnings strongly and we added in the new. And that created a beautiful new ‘us’ . 

This is what we want to celebrate as researchers this year. We have always believed in out-thinking ourselves. That’s what makes us who we are. We love to challenge status quo…. love to REINVENT and CAST OFF THE SHACKLES. And when we are able to focus those energies on creating something unique, the results are there for everyone to see. We love stretching the line and creating a new THOUGHT ERA that augurs well for brands, people and society at large. Tomorrow is a definite UNKNOWN…but how can we make today better with this outlook?

Keeping this as the backdrop, we have picked 3 core values for 2022 to bring in the 30th MRSI Annual Research Seminar: Tradition, Innovation and Journey. Underpinned by one or more of these values, we invite ideas that have already shown results, as well as inspiring ideas that you believe will work wonders as soon as they get off the drawing board. At the MRSI Annual Seminars, for more than 30 years we have celebrated thought and leadership and academic rigour. Let’s continue that tradition but build on it further at the 30th MRSI Annual Research Seminar.

So, this Seminar is as much about looking back as it is about keeping an eye on the future. While it does aim to speak a new language - it gives us latitude by allowing us to indulge in moving across calendar years…choose the best from the past and weave it into the new. In one word “CONTEMPORISE" . 

We feel that this is timely because at the core, research is about new knowledge and new actions being intertwined with core fundamentals. We also believe that knowledge and experiences must be shared so that we can all learn collectively.

 The theme for the MRSI Seminar 2022, is  inspired by this idea of “CONTEMPORISING OUR ROOTS".

We invite you to share your synopsis inspired by this theme.  We have detailed out the topics of synopsis in the section below. Take this as your opportunity to showcase to the world your ideas, your experiments, your successes and your heroic failures - everything that would make you and the industry proud.

In the same format as the past 29 seminars, we look forward to your synopsis submissions, which our esteemed jury will shortlist. If your synopsis is shortlisted your will work on this to create a presentation for the 30th MRSI Annual Research Seminar. As a finalist you will present at the Seminar for the world to hear your contribution and your paper would remain in the MRSI archives for the members to access at any point in time.